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Impact of the Retail Slump

It is probably wrong to call it a slump.  It is really a long term decline.  As pointed out in the previous post it is a downturn that is likely to continue.  In this post we look at the implications of a shrinking retail segment. Consolidation.  Circle the wagons.  As retail businesses come under more pressure […]

GST on Online Purchases

I keep hearing retailers want GST paid on overseas online purchases under $1,000 to create a level playing field.  I am confused. Say you can buy something from your local retailer for $100 plus $10 GST ($110).  The retailers are saying they are disadvantaged if you buy it for $100 online with no GST.  That […]

The Retail Downturn

There is a lot of talk about the drop in retail sales in Australia.  Everyone has a view on the retail downturn, but in my opinion there are a range of things happening.  Here are the main ones: Credit Cards.  I am old enough to remember Bankcard which was the first credit card readily available […]

What will happen immediately after the election?

With a Liberal win looming, what will happen after the election.  Of course there will be a black hole.  The Liberals cannot find it now, but it is obviously lurking. Disability will go on hold because we can no longer afford it. The NBN will be stopped and a review set up to look at […]