Archives for October, 2013

Politicians and Sloppy Interviews

I am seeing a trend that I don’t like.  Journalists are letting politicians get away with avoiding topics.  Not all journalists, but there seem to be more every day.  Take this example.  Liberal senator Michael Keenan was asked if it changing eligibility rules for bushfire relief, and depriving some people of payment, was a cruel […]

Rob a Bank – The new Moral Code

Just a warning to everyone not to panic if they see me in a bank.  I am going to rob the bank.  If I get caught I won’t go to jail.  I will just give the money back and all will be forgiven. It works for politicians so why not me? Seems there is a […]

Three Word Slogans

We know all the three word slogans from before the election.  “Stop the boats”, “The economic crisis”, ‘Axe the tax”.  Here are some new three and four word slogans since the election. “Ignore the boats”.  Just pretend they don’t exist.  Hold a press conference once a week and don’t say anything.  This is bound to […]