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Middle Class Welfare. Who are the middle class?

So who are the middle class in Australia?  Are families on $250k the new middle class as someone (who shall remain nameless) said?  Maybe it is time to get some facts. This is a graph of household income in 2009-10 from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.  It tells you that if you are earning over […]

I Don’t Understand

Our brains have two hemispheres.  If we face north, the western hemisphere is the logical rational one.  The eastern hemisphere is the creative fantasy area.  I must definitely be living in the fantasy eastern hemisphere after reading the latest polls.  46% think Tony Abbott is doing a good job!  Is it just me? Let’s look […]

Exquisite Karma

I try not to gloat but such exquisite karma is rare.  Tony Abbott.  The self announced international statesman up to his armpits in political excreta.  Should I throw him a snorkel as he slowly submerges so I can enjoy the spectacle longer, or just bash him down with a bicycle pump?  Such philosophical questions. He […]

The First Hockey Budget

The press interview might go something like this. “So Mr Hockey, in a few months you will deliver the first Hockey budget.  I believe there will be some changes as to how the next budget is delivered.” “That’s right.” “Can you explain what those changes might be?” “Well, we won’t be releasing the full document […]

NSA and News of the World Phone Tapping

Is it just me?  We have two parallel international stories running at the moment that are linked. NSA spying on world leaders News of the World spying on celebrities In one, the government says sorry, but it is how the world works.  Can we now move on please. In the other case, the UK Court […]

We have a mandate

Tony Abbott says Labor should support the Liberals on repealing carbon tax because he won the election, and he has a mandate.  Labor says they will still support carbon trading.  Who is right? Let’s think about it.  Assuming a large part of why people voted Liberal was to repeal the carbon tax – which was […]