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ABC – Abbott’s Broken Commitments

You have to feel sorry for Malcolm Turnbull.  Watching him squirm as he talked about cuts to the ABC was like watching a man in barbed wire underpants.  The pain was excruciating.  You could see he knew that we knew it was a fine load of bovine excreta, but he had to say it.  Tony […]

Outsourcing Responsibility

It is becoming more embarrassing to call ourselves Australians.  This week we reached a new low.  Outsourcing treatment of Ebola.  Does the government believe there is nothing money can’t buy? So this is how it works.  The government are prepared to throw a couple of million at fighting Ebola to keep people off their back, […]

The Political History lesson in 2064

How would a political history lesson in 2064, about the Australia of 50 years ago sound?   Here is how it might go. Welcome students to the 2064 class on Australian Political history.  Today we look back 50 years to 2014.  Some of the goings on then may seem fantastic, delusional and downright ancient, but it is […]