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Refugee resettlement and refugee intake

How many refugees should Australia take per year?  We are taking about 6,000 currently.  Is that too many, just right, or not enough?  Here are the current statistics on refugee intakes 1994- 1995 3,992 1995- 1996 4,643 1996- 1997 3,334 1997- 1998 4,010 1998- 1999 3,988 1999- 2000 3,802 2000- 2001 3,997 2001- 2002 4,160 […]

Success to Abbott is forgetting the budget

The dull and boring federal budget is now with us.  Not much to report.  Didn’t do much.  Seems the whole purpose was to avoid any criticism.  There are a few points worth noting however. The $20k tax deductible amount is aimed at boosting small business.  If a small business is making a profit, and hence […]

Renewable energy and jobs, jobs, jobs.

Kevin Rudd called it our greatest challenge.  At about the same time Tony Abbott called it “bullshit”. I am talking about climate change of course. The years have passed since then, so where are we now? We can start the inventory by looking at targets. Back then we had a renewable energy target (RET) of […]