Why this Blog? Political frustration.

This blog happened out of political frustration. If I listen to the media, Labor is a train wreck in the making. Yet I am old enough to have seen good and bad governments. Governments that left a legacy of positive social changes and those that wasted time.

It seems to me that Julia Gillard will be appreciated much more in the future than she is now. Look at what her government has made happen:

  • Survived the GFC and became a leading country economically
  • Introduced, or about to introduce, educational reforms through Gonski
  • Started the ball rolling on disability insurance
  • Taken a positive stance on climate change
  • Apologised to Aboriginals and the Stolen Generation
  • Gone head to head with the mining companies and put in place a super profits tax
  • Done all this while leading a minority government

She has also done this in the face of one of the most negative and vicious oppositions. They are fully supported by News Limited who spin everything to be anti-Labor. When I look at the Australian I often wonder if they are living in a parallel universe.

I should also say that I am not a political activist. I have never belonged to a political party, nor do I now. I am just pissed off that Australia is being led in a particular direction through a lack of interest, supported by selective information from the media.

Are Labor pure? Absolutely not. They have made lots of mistakes. Unfortunately their mistakes have been put under the microscope and their achievements lost in the mist. The Liberals seem to undergo no such scrutiny.

This blog is a drop in the ocean in terms of influencing political opinion. I am not sure if it a vent for my frustration or a contribution to sensible debate about matters political.

You decide.