What will happen immediately after the election?

With a Liberal win looming, what will happen after the election.  Of course there will be a black hole.  The Liberals cannot find it now, but it is obviously lurking.

  • Disability will go on hold because we can no longer afford it.
  • The NBN will be stopped and a review set up to look at how fibre to the node can be rolled out.  Think a report in 2015 and work start a few years later.  That work will be starting about the time the NBN would have been finished.
  • Gonski will be put to another committee who – surprise, surprise – will have a different view and it will go back to another committee to come up with a plan.
  • The progress made in setting up funding agreements for hospitals with the states will be put on hold because of the ‘black hole’.
  • Fair Work Australia will be slowly strangled
  • The public service will be cut.  See ‘black hole’ above
  • The carbon tax will be removed but that will not change your electricity bill as the companies providing electricity will find another reason why they needs to spend more money
  • The mining tax will be removed because, as we all know, the minors are struggling at the moment.

Basically Australia will return to 2006.  Little of what has been achieved in the last 7 years will remain.  It will all be unwound either overtly or covertly by cutting funding, and restricting the activities of different agencies.

If you think we were better off in 2006 than today, and that is taking into account the fact we had a global financial crisis which is still lingering, then by all means vote Liberal.  If you think we have made progress in those year – particularly in social advancements – vote Labor.  Regardless of whether you like or dislike a leader, you get the policies of the party you voter for.