Scott the Gravedigger

I feel sorry for him.  Who you might ask?  Scott, the son of a Morris Dancer.  The media make his life hell.  If he talks to them they misrepresent all the good things he is doing.  If he says he will only talk to them once a week, they complain even more.  Avoid questions and he is criticized.  Bring along the army in the form of a General no less, and they only want to interview the General.  What is a poor Immigration Minister supposed to do?  Best not to talk to them at all.

At the moment it is hard to feel like “Scott Morrison the best ever Immigration Minister”.  He feels more “Scott the Gravedigger”.  He tried to bury the news but unfortunately all he seems to be able to do, is dig his own grave.  Can’t they see he is trying to dig graves for other people?

  • There are those wicked Labor people who created this mess.  He would surely like to bury them.
  • Then there are the people smugglers.  They would be prime candidates for a six foot hole but he can’t find them.
  • What about the Indonesians?  He would love to put them under the earth but they won’t come play in the graveyard.
  • A Viking funeral would go down well if he could only buy those Indonesian fishing boats he wanted to buy before the election.
  • As for the media, the only answer would be a mass grave for those war criminals.

So you see we should be more caring.  We should appreciate that the Morris dancer’s only desire is to be a gravedigger.  At the moment, the only person he can practice on is himself.