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The Good Old Days

It is interesting to hear all the comments from Generation X, Millenials, and Gen Z about how we Baby Boomers had it so good. What is rarely mentioned is what we didn’t have so good. Maybe Gen X, Millenials or Gen Z would like to experience some of what we experienced then tell us if […]

The Turnbull Experiment

Turnbull arrived like a messiah. A rock star. The Dali Lama.  A year down the track he is just another PM struggling to win an election.  What happened? The answer is “lots”.  Let’s start with what people expected.  To say the general public is disillusioned with politicians is like saying if I stand in the […]

Should education be a commercial operation

What a great idea.  Bring the universities kicking and screaming into the real world of business.  Make them earn their living.  Why even some of the universities seem to think it is a good idea too.  What a brilliant government those Liberals run. There is one silly, philosophical question though: “Should education be a commercial […]

Abbot Government Principles – what are they?

So what does Tony Abbott stand for?  What are the principles that guide his government?  The best way to understand the Abbott government principles is to look at what he has said and done.  Here are a few of the self evident principles that guide the Liberal government. Principles regarding the Australian Voters Principle 1.  Truth is […]

HECS for Kindergarten Students

Life is full of contradictions.  Life under Tony Abbott seems chock full of contradictions. If you listen to the government’s views on business, productivity is king, queen and possibly the court jester.  The focus of productivity is the humble worker.  Everyone seems to agree that an educated worker is a more productive worker hence the […]

Facts about Gonski

There is so much anger and passion in the Government’s rejection of Gonski that it is worth while pausing and considering some facts about Gonski. Fact: The Liberals said they would implement Gonski only three months ago.  They now say they will not. Reason:  A number of suggestions have been made but they fall into […]

To Gonski or not to Gonski. That is the Question.

Look at the facts.  Australia primary and secondary education is going backwards in relation to other countries.  We can either do something about it or not.  The Labor Government decided they would do something about it. The first step was to call in some experts and do a review of what needed to happen.  Enter […]