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MAC – Men Against Cushions

This is a call to arms.  We men need to take a stand against cushions.  Hence the launch of MAC – Men Against Cushions.  Here is our manifesto.

MAC Manifesto

Cushions are an evil invention of women.  They have been lurking for years and are now arising to take over out homes.  The following are the true beliefs of MAC members.

  • A chair is a place to sit.  It is not a decorating opportunity.
  • If you need to put a cushion behind your back in a chair, face it.  You bought the wrong chair.
  • Cushions kill romance.  By the time you get all the cushions off the bed you have forgotten why you were going to bed.
  • Every home needs one, and only one cushion.  You never know when you will need to suffocate someone.
  • Cushions are good for those with hemorrhoids.  A house with lots of cushions indicates a hemorrhoid plague. Leave immediately.
  • If you want a splash of colour, Dulux have a wide range of colours available.
  • Cushions are stuffed.

Join the movement to rid the world – and particularly your home – of cushions.  Our creed is simple. Cushions are a plague that needs to be eliminated.  Spread the word.  Sign up below and forward this link to a true believer.