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The ABC, Tony Abbott and flashing red lights

Whenever Abbott attacks the ABC, red lights start to flash.  Abbott is ideologically, and fanatically, opposed to the ABC.  I am sure if you look long enough you will find something nice he said, but it was probably a back handed comment.  He would claim it was a mis-quote.  When he criticises Q&A for having […]

Drip, drip, drip

Drip, drip, drip…. “Is that a leak?” asked Chairman Abbott during a quiet moment in the Cabinet room. “Wasn’t me.” was the response from all present.  Several shifted uncomfortably in their chairs.  All except one who cannot be named.  He fiddled under the table with the digital radio so kindly provided by a constituent.  First race […]

The problem is the unfairness of the proposed solution

Its not as though there isn’t a problem. There is. We are spending more than we are collecting in tax. Neither party has denied the problem, but the problem is part one. Where differences occur is in part two. What do we do about the problem? The reason for the general rejection of the budget […]

Abbot Government Principles – what are they?

So what does Tony Abbott stand for?  What are the principles that guide his government?  The best way to understand the Abbott government principles is to look at what he has said and done.  Here are a few of the self evident principles that guide the Liberal government. Principles regarding the Australian Voters Principle 1.  Truth is […]

Share decision making with the people.

When the budget crisis that the Liberals invented is reduced to it’s most basic, there are two questions to answer: Do we need to address an increasing gap between income and expenditure If so, how do we do it The first question has a high degree of consensus.  Yes, we have a shift in the […]

Between Gordon Gecko and Mother Theresa

In Australian politics there are two ideologies at play. The Liberal ideology is one of a market driven society.  If government just gets out of the way, the market will ensure we are all prosperous and happy.  Plenty of jobs and plenty of goods to buy.  They believe government stifles free enterprise.  Too much government […]

Looking at taxation from the wrong direction

There is a long term need in Australia to raise more tax revenue.  If we want to maintain a compassionate society that looks after those who need looking after we need more money to do it.  The sick, children, older Australians, people with disabilities and those having difficulty looking after themselves.  It is not a […]

Pay them nothing because they are too young

Imagine this.  You are a 30 year old working for the CSIRO.  Maybe you are a scientist with a degree or perhaps an electrician with a trade qualification.  The Liberal government has cut the 2014 budget to the CSIRO and 400 jobs go.  You get some redundancy pay but you have a mortgage, young family and all […]

Nothing is what it Seems

It is a bit like a spy novel.  Nothing is what it seems.  We are promised no surprises.  We naively expect no surprises.  What we didn’t see coming is that if you have no information, you cannot be surprised.  No broken promises, just a different path to the same end. Turn back the boats seemed […]

When the Government is talking up their own storm.

Why say anything when the other person is talking up their own storm.  Labor is unusually quiet for an opposition.  I don’t know if this is because they want to be, or because they are not getting reported.  In any case it is working.  The polls are showing they are going ahead in leaps and […]

The Mad Santa

The problem with focusing on the big issues with the Liberal Government – e.g. Gonski or NBN – is that you miss the small things.  At the end of the day, many small changes can make a big difference.  Did anyone notice these two? Number one.  The changes to financial planning put in place by […]

Three Word Slogans

We know all the three word slogans from before the election.  “Stop the boats”, “The economic crisis”, ‘Axe the tax”.  Here are some new three and four word slogans since the election. “Ignore the boats”.  Just pretend they don’t exist.  Hold a press conference once a week and don’t say anything.  This is bound to […]