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Exquisite Karma

I try not to gloat but such exquisite karma is rare.  Tony Abbott.  The self announced international statesman up to his armpits in political excreta.  Should I throw him a snorkel as he slowly submerges so I can enjoy the spectacle longer, or just bash him down with a bicycle pump?  Such philosophical questions.

He told us for years how he had special relationships with Indonesia.  How well he understood Indonesian politics.  Regardless of what they said publicly about asylum seekers, he and Julie Bishop could guarantee that once in power Indonesia would accept the boats back – (nudge, nudge, wink wink).  In the first few weeks after the election they were our most important friends in the region.  Then, along came Snowden.  Suddenly Indonesia don’t want to talk to us; don’t want to play war games with us; don’t want to help us with the boats; and now don’t want our live cattle if they can help it.

A statesman like Obama sorted the same issue out with Germany, so Abbott had a model that was only weeks old.  Still he does not get it.  Perhaps sending a Bishop to a Muslim country was his mistake.  The incompetence is astounding.  It is what you would expect from a board struggle at the local bowling club.

Labor need to do nothing.  Just sit on the bank and watch the drowning.  Perhaps a few well thrown rocks might help but given the intelligence shown to date, the drowning man would probably try to use them as a lifebuoy.

All that needs to be done is to say, in line with out security policy, we cannot confirm or deny the incident happened.  We will ensure that such an incident cannot happen in the future.  The reported phone tapping occurred under a different political regime and Liberals will put in place measures to ensure no spying on our friends.  Now, can you stop using our policy of turn back the boats (from Christmas Island).