Rob a Bank – The new Moral Code

Just a warning to everyone not to panic if they see me in a bank.  I am going to rob the bank.  If I get caught I won’t go to jail.  I will just give the money back and all will be forgiven. It works for politicians so why not me?

Seems there is a new moral code around.  The new moral code opens all sorts of opportunities.  Wait till the Tax Office see my next return.  I plan to claim every birth, death and marriage I attend as a legitimate business expense.  In fact, I might just take a trip overseas, and pop into a random church on Saturday so I can claim attending a wedding as a legitimate deduction.

There are a few more things I have in mind now I have discovered the new moral code.  Travelling across the country to look at real estate looks deductible.  If I don’t buy it, I claim it was in a grey area which did not meet my colour criteria.

I can also categorically deny anything I said in the past as being quoted out of context.  I can confess to tax fraud to the ATO, then deny it in court as it is now a different context.  It never happened.  It was all  in a parallel universe.

Thank you Tony Abbott for opening my eyes to the new moral code.  I too will now become Liberal with the truth.