Three Word Slogans

We know all the three word slogans from before the election.  “Stop the boats”, “The economic crisis”, ‘Axe the tax”.  Here are some new three and four word slogans since the election.

“Ignore the boats”.  Just pretend they don’t exist.  Hold a press conference once a week and don’t say anything.  This is bound to work as people won’t worry about what they don’t know.

“Erase the memory”.  A concerted effort by the Government to remove reference to anything that was said before the election.

“Promises are temporary”.  Point out to the ignorant masses that any promise made at any point in time is only relevant to that point in time.  It is no longer valid once that instant of time has passed.

“We have a mandate”.  You will never get a woman date in the Liberal Cabinet unless you ask Julie nicely.  This is a cover everything label for whatever Tony wants to do.  Those of a more pedantic nature may criticize the  concept on the basis that what we want to do was not part of the Liberal pre-election dialogue but you can’t get all the information out in a 5 week campaign.

“Wed to Liberal values”.  Provides justification for Liberal members to attend weddings.

“Voter short term memory”  A concept taken as gospel by Liberals.  The belief is that voters will forget anything said more than 24 hours ago.

“Open for Business”.  This is open to many interpretations.  Primarily it is a Liberal version of the Obeid/McDonald Labor concept.  There is some argument that the “for” should be “to”.

“Rebuild the Economy”.  After the economic crisis of August, just before the election, the government needs to rebuild the economy.  At the moment the rebuilding involves doing nothing differently and searching fruitlessly to discover the traditional new term government black hole.