The Mad Santa

The problem with focusing on the big issues with the Liberal Government – e.g. Gonski or NBN – is that you miss the small things.  At the end of the day, many small changes can make a big difference.  Did anyone notice these two?

Number one.  The changes to financial planning put in place by Labor from July 1 this year had one part that sections of the financial services industry hated.  Any recommendations must be in the best interest of the investor, not the financial planner.  The thinking behind it is that the profit a financial planner makes should not bias the advice given to investors.

Tony Abbott now wants to remove this provision.  The reason is that a financial planner selling only property, or only savings investments, is now required to consider all forms of investment when advising a client.  Is the share market a better option for a particular client?  Would a mix of property and fixed interest suit another.  How can removing the best interest of the investor, improve the lot of the investor?  Who is being protected?

Number two.  This has received some coverage, but not as much as it deserves.  Scott Morrison, the minister for immigration and information management, wants to take legal action against boat people who congregate.  I know it will come as a shock to Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones, but they receive only $250  a week to live on, and cannot work.  Of course they will congregate.  They need to pool their resources to stay alive!  What does he expect them to do?  Find a room for $150 a week, spend $100 on food and sit on their own in the dark for 7 days?  This is a PR exercise to justify his turning down legitimate refugees and build public opinion against them.

Watching the Liberal government is like watching a mad Santa.  Give all the gifts to your mates.  Nothing for the rest.