Thank you Cory Bernardi

Thank you Cory Bernardi for opening my eyes.  Until I heard about your book I was sadly disillusioned.  My revelation started when I read this about abortion.

“The political pressure from the left has ushered us into a morbid new world.”

So the left is responsible for abortions?  At least we don’t have conservatives having abortions.  There is still hope for the world.  Perhaps clinics demand an ALP membership card before booking an appointment.  It is probably a plot by the ALP to increase membership.

He went on to say:

“The question is for everyone in this debate, where does life begin?  For me it’s at conception, for other people it is 24 week of gestation, others say it’s not until the child is born and a sentient being, some weeks after birth.  I haven’t said we should outlaw or prohibit abortion, I have said there is a right-to-life issue we should be exploring.”

Seems to me Cory, what we should do is pass a law to support your view and avoid any further debate.  People obviously cannot be relied on to make up their own mind so your wisdom should prevail.

Religion is another hot topic:

“I believe that by stripping God and religious principles from our culture (and our politics) we have become a nation which does not know which port it is sailing to.”

Maybe that is the reason for turn back the boats.  Don’t sail to a port.  Go back to where you came from.

Now I think there is a lot of merit in his suggestion to ban the burqua.  The problem is it does not go far enough.  We should also ban nun’s headgear.  I would also add the obscure things women put on their heads when they go to watch horses.  Don’t get me started on back to front baseball caps.

On families he said traditional families should be restored to the “prime position” over step families and single parents.  I am all for that.  Let’s double taxation on single parents to discourage divorce.  It could be a financial windfall for the government if there is split custody.  Of course that might mean that the odd single parent may be homeless or not able to afford food for their kids but they are not ‘prime’ people are they.

Cory’s views on gay issues is also thought provoking.  I had not considered myself gay but I now think I might be a lesbian.  I am only interested in women.  Am I on the path to bestiality as Cory points out?  There is a cute little poodle across the road.  Maybe I should refrain from patting it in case it gets the wrong idea.

I just can’t understand why people are saying Tony Abbott is distancing himself from the book.  I thought it would be a good fit with his beliefs.  Maybe if Cory added a chapter about the great climate change fraud it would make it more appealing to our PM.  At least those fine people in the Liberal Party of South Australia know enough to put him at number one on the senate ticket.

Thanks Cory.