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An insult to doctors

Back in the 90’s, I was working in a management role for a financial organisation.  There was a lot of excitement about a new scheme to set salaries.  The HR department wanted to use criteria such as number of people reporting to you, dollar accountability and budget under your control.  All related to your empire, and money. […]

Health Funds and Medicare

It is hard to know where to start with the Federal Government’s thought bubble about allowing health funds to run medical practices.  The reason put forward to support the idea assume an ant has more intelligence than a person.  But I will come to that. Let’s look at the differences between a government funded enterprise […]

Thank you Cory Bernardi

Thank you Cory Bernardi for opening my eyes.  Until I heard about your book I was sadly disillusioned.  My revelation started when I read this about abortion. “The political pressure from the left has ushered us into a morbid new world.” So the left is responsible for abortions?  At least we don’t have conservatives having […]

What to expect from a Liberal Government

To much politics is about personality.  Is liking a person a good reason to make them Prime Minister?  I would have to say that it should not be a personality contest.  Would you pick a financial adviser or tradesman just because you like them?  Of course not.  You would want to know if they could […]

Stop the Boats – Fictional Interview

Since Leigh Sales will not ask the questions below, I have to imagine what would happen if Scott Morrison were interviewed about stopping the boats. Interviewer: With your plan to stop the boats, what percentage would you expect to stop? Scott Morrison:  I can’t tell you for operational reasons. Interviewer:  So it is a secret? […]

Paid Parental Leave – WTF

Perhaps the Liberals can explain their rationale for paid parental leave.  Paid parental leave is to financially assist mothers who give up work to have a child. Point 1.  Does a mother who is earning $150k deserve more financial assistance than one earning $30k?  In the Liberals plan, the first mother gets $75k and the […]