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Success to Abbott is forgetting the budget

The dull and boring federal budget is now with us.  Not much to report.  Didn’t do much.  Seems the whole purpose was to avoid any criticism.  There are a few points worth noting however. The $20k tax deductible amount is aimed at boosting small business.  If a small business is making a profit, and hence […]

Facts about Gonski

There is so much anger and passion in the Government’s rejection of Gonski that it is worth while pausing and considering some facts about Gonski. Fact: The Liberals said they would implement Gonski only three months ago.  They now say they will not. Reason:  A number of suggestions have been made but they fall into […]

I Don’t Understand

Our brains have two hemispheres.  If we face north, the western hemisphere is the logical rational one.  The eastern hemisphere is the creative fantasy area.  I must definitely be living in the fantasy eastern hemisphere after reading the latest polls.  46% think Tony Abbott is doing a good job!  Is it just me? Let’s look […]