I Don’t Understand

Our brains have two hemispheres.  If we face north, the western hemisphere is the logical rational one.  The eastern hemisphere is the creative fantasy area.  I must definitely be living in the fantasy eastern hemisphere after reading the latest polls.  46% think Tony Abbott is doing a good job!  Is it just me?

Let’s look at the big ticket issues before the election.

‘Turn back the boats’.  Never happened, or happened twice if you want to interpret it that way.  We turned them back from Christmas Island then turned them back again from Indonesia just to be sure.  Bonus on promise delivery.

‘Economy in Crisis’.  No action yet.  If it was in crisis I would have expected to see budget black holes and emergency budgets.  The main economic action has been to throw money at the Reserve Bank which they said they didn’t want.

‘Axe the tax’.   Labor and Greens said they will support removing the tax even though it is producing results.  They both agree however that we need to do something on climate change.  They would support an emissions trading scheme.

But what will the Liberals do to reduce emissions?  So far we have only heard about ‘Direct Action’.  Not even a three word slogan.  What exactly is ‘Direct Action’ and what are the measures around it?  What will it cost, and what will it deliver?  Nobody in government wants to talk

So does a rational analysis of the facts warrant approval of the way Tony Abbott is doing his job?  I don’t understand.

Of course the Liberals have done a few things.  Stuffed up relations with Indonesia comes to mind.  Stop telling us what is going on regarding boats is another.  Referring to boat arrivals as ‘illegal’ when, clearly under Australian and International law, they are not illegal.

In the last few days we have seen Christopher Pyne start to soften us up for the withdrawal of Gonski education reforms.  This is in spite of the fact they told us 3 months ago they supported the changes.

I have not mentioned the unfortunate mistakes a few senior Liberals and Nationals made in filling out their expense reports.  Even Tony Abbott seems to have issues with the form.  Maybe if they are not competent to fill out a form they should consider their suitability for a career in parliament.

So if 46% believe the PM is doing a good job what am I am missing?  Can someone stimulate my western hemisphere.