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Scott the Gravedigger

I feel sorry for him.  Who you might ask?  Scott, the son of a Morris Dancer.  The media make his life hell.  If he talks to them they misrepresent all the good things he is doing.  If he says he will only talk to them once a week, they complain even more.  Avoid questions and […]

When the Government is talking up their own storm.

Why say anything when the other person is talking up their own storm.  Labor is unusually quiet for an opposition.  I don’t know if this is because they want to be, or because they are not getting reported.  In any case it is working.  The polls are showing they are going ahead in leaps and […]

The Mad Santa

The problem with focusing on the big issues with the Liberal Government – e.g. Gonski or NBN – is that you miss the small things.  At the end of the day, many small changes can make a big difference.  Did anyone notice these two? Number one.  The changes to financial planning put in place by […]

MAC – Men Against Cushions

This is a call to arms.  We men need to take a stand against cushions.  Hence the launch of MAC – Men Against Cushions.  Here is our manifesto. MAC Manifesto Cushions are an evil invention of women.  They have been lurking for years and are now arising to take over out homes.  The following are […]

The Demise of the Auto Industry

There is a lot of angst about the demise of the auto industry in Australia.  It predominantly comes from people who have not bought an Australian car in decades.  Let’s look at it from a marketing/manufacturing perspective. I hear people say “Why don’t they build a car people want?” Typically this means a small to […]

Abbott Cabinet Reshuffle

We need Tony Abbott (aka The Man who Rewrote History) to do a Cabinet Reshuffle; Christopher Pyne to Communication Minister.  He will bring his considerable media presence to the role.  His ability to answer a question he has not been asked is unique.  In addition he is the most experienced minister in doing backflips.  We definitely […]

Facts about Gonski

There is so much anger and passion in the Government’s rejection of Gonski that it is worth while pausing and considering some facts about Gonski. Fact: The Liberals said they would implement Gonski only three months ago.  They now say they will not. Reason:  A number of suggestions have been made but they fall into […]