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ABC Bias – Bias: “an opinion different to mine”

One definition of bias is ” an opinion that is different to mine”.  Obviously “your ABC” as opposed to “our ABC” is showing signs of bias.  How dare they say things that are un-Australian.  How dare they criticise government.  Who do they think they are – News Limited during the dark days of the Labor […]

Health Funds and Medicare

It is hard to know where to start with the Federal Government’s thought bubble about allowing health funds to run medical practices.  The reason put forward to support the idea assume an ant has more intelligence than a person.  But I will come to that. Let’s look at the differences between a government funded enterprise […]

Thank you Cory Bernardi

Thank you Cory Bernardi for opening my eyes.  Until I heard about your book I was sadly disillusioned.  My revelation started when I read this about abortion. “The political pressure from the left has ushered us into a morbid new world.” So the left is responsible for abortions?  At least we don’t have conservatives having […]

Supply and Demand for Housing

Houses are too expensive. Right?  They are if you are trying to buy one, but not necessarily if you are an owner.  As an owner you just want to see them go up in value.  So what, if anything, can governments do? Let’s start by thinking about supply and demand. On the supply side, we […]