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Labor Strategy

Bill Shorten is coping some criticism at the moment for being too quiet.  Let’s step back for a minute and think about what he should do.  What should be the Labor strategy? Labor has four basic options open to them. 1. Attack the government and deny support for anything they propose.  This was the Abbott approach […]

Between Gordon Gecko and Mother Theresa

In Australian politics there are two ideologies at play. The Liberal ideology is one of a market driven society.  If government just gets out of the way, the market will ensure we are all prosperous and happy.  Plenty of jobs and plenty of goods to buy.  They believe government stifles free enterprise.  Too much government […]

Looking at taxation from the wrong direction

There is a long term need in Australia to raise more tax revenue.  If we want to maintain a compassionate society that looks after those who need looking after we need more money to do it.  The sick, children, older Australians, people with disabilities and those having difficulty looking after themselves.  It is not a […]

Pay them nothing because they are too young

Imagine this.  You are a 30 year old working for the CSIRO.  Maybe you are a scientist with a degree or perhaps an electrician with a trade qualification.  The Liberal government has cut the 2014 budget to the CSIRO and 400 jobs go.  You get some redundancy pay but you have a mortgage, young family and all […]