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Gaza = Three times MH17

MH17 is front page around the world.  A group of innocent people killed by someone who had little regard for their lives.  People who may have mistaken them for “the enemy” but even so, didn’t have the right to slaughter almost 300 people.  Individuals and countries are outraged and condemn the pro-Russian separatists and Russia […]

What is wrong with opposition politics today

The shadow treasurer, Chris Bowen, made a comment that made me think.  He said “The role of opposition is not to put forward alternate policy.  The role of opposition is to review what the government puts forward and support or oppose it.”  And I guess that is a lot of what is wrong with opposition […]

Gray Power

There may be 50 shades of grey, but in years to come, they will remember only one shade.  Gray power. Full cycle.  Roll back the decades or even a few centuries, to the earlier days of democracy.  A political career was not a “school to retirement” undertaking.  Politicians were typically successful people in society who […]