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Scott Morrison – Custodian of the Australian Social Conscience

And the Chief Abbott spoke words of wisdom to the assembled masses. “It will come to pass that Scott, the son of a Morris Dancer, will be appointed custodian of the Australian social conscience.”     Not since the appointment of Cardinal George ‘for whom the Pell tolls’ to be God’s banker had such an […]

How stupid are we

How stupid are we?  Every four years we go through a political dance.  They tell us one thing and we half believe it.  We elect them.  They break their promises and we sound outraged.  What is going on? Lets start with promises.  How can a political party promise a budgetary result?  There are so many things […]

An insult to doctors

Back in the 90’s, I was working in a management role for a financial organisation.  There was a lot of excitement about a new scheme to set salaries.  The HR department wanted to use criteria such as number of people reporting to you, dollar accountability and budget under your control.  All related to your empire, and money. […]

Cap’n. There be barnacles.

“Cap’n.  There be barnacles.” said galley cook Julie B. “Get back to the kitchen Julie.  A woman’s role is not to tell the Captain his bottom needs cleaning.  It’s to work in the kitchen and have babies.” “Sorry Cap’n.  Just ran into pirate Andrew the Robber.  He told me we have had barnacles for years […]

The problem is the unfairness of the proposed solution

Its not as though there isn’t a problem. There is. We are spending more than we are collecting in tax. Neither party has denied the problem, but the problem is part one. Where differences occur is in part two. What do we do about the problem? The reason for the general rejection of the budget […]