I read the papers and watch TV and everything happens in a few minutes of reporting. Everything is so simple. Why can’t we just implement these obvious solutions?

This blog tries to get beyond headlines and media grabs. Most of the problems we face today are highly complex. There is a thing called the “Dunning Kruger Effect” which says that the less people know about a subject, the more adamant they are in stating their position. Those who are experts usually see a completely different and complex solution.

This blog is an attempt to state a view and start a discussion.

Please join me and try to make the country a more thoughtful place and add your comment.

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Recent Posts

  • A Short History of Hezbollah

    In the previous post we covered the evolution of Hamas in Gaza. In this post we will cover the background of Hezbollah who are strongest in Lebanon and the West Bank. Lebanon To understand Hezbollah, first we must understand some of the history of Lebanon. Geographically, Lebanon is very mountainous. 81% is Mountains. Lebanon is…

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  • Hamas – A Short History

    A short history of Hamas

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  • Israeli and Palestinian Conflicts

    In the last post I covered the background of what is now Israel and Palestine. This covers the period post 1945 after Israel declared independence. Once again, I rely heavily on Wikipedia and include some direct text from their site. Situation 1945 In 1945 Palestine was under British control or mandate. It had been agreed…

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