I read the papers and watch TV and everything happens in a few minutes of reporting. Everything is so simple. Why can’t we just implement these obvious solutions?

This blog tries to get beyond headlines and media grabs. Most of the problems we face today are highly complex. There is a thing called the “Dunning Kruger Effect” which says that the less people know about a subject, the more adamant they are in stating their position. Those who are experts usually see a completely different and complex solution.

This blog is an attempt to state a view and start a discussion.

Please join me and try to make the country a more thoughtful place and add your comment.

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Recent Posts

  • A History of Palestine

    In a previous post I gave a thumbnail sketch of the countries in the Middle East. With the current war in Gaza, it is opportune to look more closely at the history of Palestine. To do that, we must go back to the Bronze Age when the first civilization appeared in the area. I tried…

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  • An interview with ChatGPT

    I thought for a change, I would do an article on Artificial Intelligence or AI. Rather than give my own views, I thought I would interview ChatGPT and see what it had to say. Q. For someone who is not familiar with AI, how would you describe it? A. Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the…

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  • Australian Elections

    Like most people, I knew there was an Australian Electoral Commission, but had no idea how it worked. I had a vague idea that it set electoral boundaries and ran elections but not much more. I did some research and thought I would share it. History As most people know, the Federation occurred in 1900.…

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