I read the papers and watch TV and everything happens in a few minutes of reporting. Everything is so simple. Why can’t we just implement these obvious solutions?

This blog tries to get beyond headlines and media grabs. Most of the problems we face today are highly complex. There is a thing called the “Dunning Kruger Effect” which says that the less people know about a subject, the more adamant they are in stating their position. Those who are experts usually see a completely different and complex solution.

This blog is an attempt to state a view and start a discussion.

Please join me and try to make the country a more thoughtful place and add your comment.

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Recent Posts

  • The Retail Downturn

    There is a lot of talk about the drop in retail sales in Australia.  Everyone has a view on the retail downturn, but in my opinion there are a range of things happening.  Here are the main ones: Credit Cards.  I am old enough to remember Bankcard which was the first credit card readily available…

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  • What will happen immediately after the election?

    With a Liberal win looming, what will happen after the election.  Of course there will be a black hole.  The Liberals cannot find it now, but it is obviously lurking. Disability will go on hold because we can no longer afford it. The NBN will be stopped and a review set up to look at…

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  • To Gonski or not to Gonski. That is the Question.

    Look at the facts.  Australia primary and secondary education is going backwards in relation to other countries.  We can either do something about it or not.  The Labor Government decided they would do something about it. The first step was to call in some experts and do a review of what needed to happen.  Enter…

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