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Chan and Sukumaran – Another approach

The sheer incompetence of the Abbott government in negotiating the removal of the death penalty on the two Australians in Indonesia is embarrassing.  Veiled threats are hardly a way forward.  I saw a quote from a book which said “If you want someone to give you something, find a way for them to hand it […]

Penalty Rates on Sunday

I have just spent about 10 days in Vienna.  Aside from catching the flu, and the freezing temperature it was an interesting visit.  One thing I found is worth talking about.  On Sundays, no shops open other than cafes and restaurants and the odd tourist place.  To my surprise, shops being closed on Sunday did […]

Peta and the PM

“Peta, Peta pumpkin eater.  Where are you?” “I swear if he says that again he is going to find barbed wire in his budgie smugglers.  Let’s see how prickly he is then.  Over here Prime Minister.” “Been up to a few things since you have been away Peta.  Got rid of the whip.  I think […]